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One of the most popular options is multi-themed investments. These are for people who want to invest in innovative technologies, but they still want to be somewhat diversified. Often these funds cover five or more themes.

The following are multi-themed funds. They can be used to increase your portfolio’s exposure to multiple innovative technologies.

Note: These are not recommendations, just investment ideas for further research.

Fund Ticker Expense Holdings Inception
ALPS Disruptive Technologies DTEC 0.50% 104 12/28/17
  Covers ten different themes within the tech sector, all with a focus on disruptive technologies and innovation: healthcare innovation, internet of things, clean energy & smart grid, cloud computing, data and analytics, fintech, robotics & artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, 3D printing, and mobile payments.
ARK Innovation ARKK 0.75% 37 10/30/14
  Combines the strategies of the three other thematic funds issued by ARK: genomic revolution, industrial innovation and next generation internet.
ARK Next Generation Internet ARKW 0.76% 49 9/30/14
  Fund with a broad mandate to invest in companies its managers have identified as benefiting from an infrastructure shift away from hardware and software toward cloud and mobile.
BlueStar Israel TechnologyITEQ0.75%6511/2/15

Provides exposure to Israel technology stocks that focus on the themes of tomorrow (including cyber security, autonomous driving, artificial intelligence, CleanTech, DefenseTech and 3D printing).
Global X Thematic Growth GXTG 0.50% 8 10/25/19
  Seeks to provide broad exposure to structurally disruptive macro-trends through a portfolio of ETFs selected from the Global X Thematic Growth family.
Goldman Sachs Data-Driven World GDAT 0.50% 120 3/1/19
  Centered around companies with exposure to the use of data, and what the issuer calls “the lifecycle of data delivery and processing”. This is comprised of the recording, transmission, storage and processing, securing, and analysis of data. The fund’s index is constructed from five sub-themes: Internet of Things, Data Infrastructure, Big Data, Cybersecurity, and Artificial Intelligence.
Goldman Sachs New Age Consumer GBUY 0.50% 120 3/1/19
  Centered around companies with exposure to the ongoing structural shifts in the consumer market due to changes in demographics, technology, and preferences. The fund’s index is constructed from seven sub-themes: E-Commerce, Social Media, Online Gaming, Online Music and Video, Experiences Over Goods, Evolution of Education, and Health and Wellness.
Innovator Loup Frontier Technology LOUP 0.70% 31 7/24/18
  Seeks to provide exposure to the investment results of the Loup Frontier Tech Index, which tracks the performance of companies that influence the future of technology including, but not limited to, artificial intelligence (AI), computer perception, robotics, autonomous vehicles, virtual reality, and mixed/augmented reality.
iShares Exponential Technologies XT 0.47% 220 3/19/15
  Invests in nine different fields deemed to be "exponential technologies": big data and analytics, nanotechnology, medicine, networks, energy and environmental systems, robotics, 3-D printing, bioinformatics and financial services.
iShares US Tech Breakthrough Multi-sector ECB 0.40% 159 1/8/20
  Seeks to track the investment results of an index composed of U.S. companies that could benefit from various breakthrough technologies, including robotics and artificial intelligence, cloud and data tech, cybersecurity, genomics and immunology, and financial technology.
ProShares MSCI Transformational ChangesANEW0.45%14310/14/20

Provides access to companies involved with one or more of four key Transformational Changes, as determined by MSCI Inc., the index provider: Future of Work, Genomics & Telehealth, Digital Consumer, and Food Revolution.
SPDR FactSet Innovative Technology XITK 0.45% 99 1/13/16
  Invests in U.S.-listed technology and electronic media companies deemed innovative or disruptive by FactSet.
SPDR S&P Kensho New Economies Companies KOMP 0.20% 397 10/19/18
  Seeks companies that are transforming the economy by driving innovation and advancements in “new economy” technologies. The fund’s index is a composite of 16 sub-indexes, each constructed around a theme such as autonomous vehicles, 3D printing, genetic engineering, or nanotechnology, among others.