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5G Technology

5G is the 5th generation mobile network that is designed to connect virtually everyone and everything together including machines, objects, and devices. It offers faster and better performance and efficiency over previous generations. Read the investment case for 5G technology.

The following are funds focused on 5G technology. They can be used to increase your portfolio’s exposure to NextGen technologies.

Note: These are not recommendations, just investment ideas for further research.

Fund Ticker Expense Holdings Inception
Defiance 5G NextGen Connectivity FIVG 0.30% 78 3/4/19
  Tracks a rules based index that tracks the performance of a group of US-listed stocks, of global companies that are involved in the development of, or are otherwise instrumental in the rollout of 5G networks.
Esoterica NextG Economy WUGI 0.75% 34 3/31/20
  An actively-managed ETF that will invest in US and non-US equity securities of companies that are meaningfully participating in a digital economy enabled by fifth generation digital cellular network (“5G”) technology.
First Trust IndXX NextG NXTG 0.70% 108 2/17/11
  Designed to track the performance of companies that have devoted, or have committed to devote, material resources to the research, development and application of fifth generation ("5G") and next generation digital cellular technologies as they emerge.