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Miscellaneous Themes & Technology

Our final category is a mixture of various themes and technology. You can find several COVID-inspired themes such as “work from home” and online education. There are also funds that focus on manufacturing technology, 3D printing, platform-based businesses, social media, and the gig economy.

The following funds can be used to increase your portfolio’s exposure to various themes and technology.

Note: These are not recommendations, just investment ideas for further research.

Fund Ticker Expense Holdings Inception
Direxion Work From Home WFH 0.45% 41 6/25/20
  Offers exposure to companies across four technology pillars, allowing investors to gain exposure to those companies that stand to benefit from an increasingly flexible work environment. The four pillars include Cloud Technologies, Cybersecurity, Online Project and Document Management, and Remote Communications.
ETFMG Travel Tech AWAY 0.75% 31 2/12/20
  A portfolio of companies that are a subset of the global travel and tourism industry. These companies are engaged in the “Travel Technology Business” by providing technology via the internet and internet-connected devices to facilitate travel bookings and reservations, ride sharing and hailing, travel price comparison, and travel advice.
First Trust RBA American Industrial Renaissance AIRR 0.70% 58 3/10/14
  Tracks a multifactor-selected and proprietary- weighted index of small- and midcap industrial service and support companies and local banks that could benefit from a US industrial revival.
Franklin Exponential DataXDAT0.50%541/12/21

An actively-managed fund investing in global companies believed to benefit from or facilitate Big Data and its applications such as AI, augmented and virtual reality, software-as-a-service, and personalized advertising and healthcare.
Global X Education EDUT 0.68% 38 7/10/20
  Seeks to invest in companies providing products and services that facilitate education, including online learning and publishing educational content, as well as those involved in early childhood education, higher education, and professional education.
Global X Internet of Things SNSR 0.68% 56 9/12/16
  Seeks to invest in companies that stand to potentially benefit from the broader adoption of the Internet of Things (IoT), as enabled by technologies such as WiFi, 5G telecommunications infrastructure, and fiber optics. This includes the development and manufacturing of semiconductors and sensors, integrated products and solutions, and applications serving smart grids, smart homes, connected cars, and the industrial internet.
Global X Social Media SOCL 0.65% 46 11/14/11
  Provides investors access to social media companies around the world.
Goldman Sachs Manufacturing Revolution GMAN 0.50% 122 3/1/19
  Tracks a market-cap weighted index of global equities related to the ongoing technology-driven transformation of the manufacturing industry. The fund’s index is constructed from five sub-themes: Robotics, 3D Printing, Future Mobility, Drones, and Clean Energy.
Knowledge Leaders Developed World KLDW 0.75% 255 7/7/15
  An actively managed fund that invests in 22 developed market countries excluding Hong Kong; non-US stocks will have 40% exposure to these markets. The portfolio will include large- and midcap companies as it seeks to capture the “knowledge effect” — the tendency of innovative companies to outperform.
SoFi Gig Economy GIGE 0.59% 61 5/7/19
  Provides exposure to companies involved in the revolutionary shift towards a “gig” economy—a free-market system comprised of freelancers and shared resources, such as transport and real estate. Most heavily weighted are web-based stores, auction sites, app-based platforms and platforms for social media and messaging.
The 3D Printing ETF PRNT 0.66% 54 7/18/16
  Tracks a tiered, equal-weighted index composed of stocks that are directly involved in 3D printing and 3D printing-related businesses such as 3D printing hardware, CAD and 3D printing software, 3D printing centers, scanners and 3D printing materials.
WisdomTree Growth Leaders PLAT 0.20% 51 5/22/19
  Provides exposure to growth companies from all sectors with business lines active in modern platforms or digital marketplaces. The fund considers growth companies as those with at least 7% compound annual revenue growth over the trailing three years.