Specializing in retirement planning and personalized investment management.

What to Expect from Blue Water

Our Professional Management provides a custom-tailored investment portfolio and personalized ongoing fiduciary service. Both are based on your individual goals, needs and comfort level.


After we’ve agreed on your portfolio’s design and investment selection, we implement the Target Portfolio in a cost- and tax-efficient manner.

  • Consolidate accounts
  • Identify tax consequences of recommended sales, hold positions over the client’s tax tolerance
  • Hold other existing positions if they are suitable and fit into the target allocation
  • Sell identified investments and purchase our recommended investments


We continue to use our ACTION plan in the management of your portfolio.

Asset Allocation

  • Rebalance the stock-bond ratio to the Target Portfolio based on certain tolerances
  • Rebalance individual asset classes to the Target Portfolio based on certain tolerances
  • Adjust the Target Portfolio based on certain market movement tolerances, portfolio value tolerances, timelines and updated goals
  • Update the Target Portfolio based on new research and investment products


  • Monitor fund costs and trading costs to ensure efficiency


  • Review current tax exposure (taxable income, capital gains) of the portfolio vs. your tax tolerance
  • Review taxable accounts for tax-deductible losses
  • Update asset location as needed
  • Take advantage of tax-deferred and tax-free accounts when possible


  • Review contributions to make sure you’re hitting your savings goals in the Retirement Plan
  • Use contributions to rebalance to the Target Portfolio
  • Use contributions to shift the Target Portfolio over time
  • Use strategies for adding larger contributions (from stock options, inheritance, etc.) to the portfolio


  • Review retirement income distributions vs. our Retirement Plan, and for withdrawal rate sustainability
  • Review our Portfolio Withdrawal Buffer (CD / bond ladder) to ensure adequate cash (not too much or too little)
  • Adjust distributions as necessary
  • Review and complete RMDs (required minimum distributions)
  • Manage taxes / withholdings on withdrawals
  • Use distributions to rebalance to the Target Portfolio


  • Provide long-term guidance and perspective
  • Listen and provide short-term support (proactively check in with you regarding the markets and how you are feeling)
  • Provide advisory letters that discuss the markets and other news
  • Periodic reviews and performance reports to keep you updated


We provide a client portal where you can review your accounts, allocation, investments and performance. You can also access reports (year-end tax reports, etc.) we’ve posted there.

We also assist in account maintenance like updating account beneficiaries, changing title of an account, funding IRAs, etc.

For those who have completed a financial plan, we provide online access to the plan. We will periodically update the plan through in-person meetings and/or web conferences.

We are available for questions or concerns regarding your investment portfolio and financial plan.