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Raleigh, North Carolina Financial Advisor

Raleigh, North Carolina Financial AdvisorRaleigh’s vision is to “pursue world-class quality of life by actively collaborating with our community towards a fulfilling and inspired future for all”. With all Raleigh has to offer, it is off to a great head start. It is already one of the best places to live and work, and we look forward to moving closer to its vision.

You may be planning for your own future, whether that’s retirement, college funding, or opening a business. There are many financial advisors around, but how do you find the best? Sometimes in finding a solution it’s important to eliminate what you’re not looking for.

  • Would you rather work with an advisor who earns commissions and may have a conflict of interests or one that doesn’t work on commissions?
  • Would you rather work with a fiduciary who works in your best interest or an advisor who tries to avoid fiduciary responsibility?
  • Would you rather work with an inexperienced firm or one that’s been around for 20 years?
  • Would you rather the advisory firm take on everyone who walks in their door or one who is more selective and specialized?
  • Would you rather pay higher fees or lower fees for your service?

At Blue Water Capital Management, LLC, we feel we answer these questions correctly.

  • We are an independent advisory firm. We do not work for a larger brokerage firm.
  • We are Fee-Only, meaning we do not accept commissions or any kickbacks.
  • We are always a fiduciary, not “sometimes” like other firms.
  • We are a professional, experienced advisory team.
  • Our first duty is to take care of our existing clients. We’re not in a transactional business.
  • We are often less expensive than the larger brokerage firms and even some other independents.

Blue Water Capital Management, LLC specializes in retirement planning and custom investments portfolios.  We have over 20 years of experience in helping people achieve their financial goals and retirement dreams.  Check out the rest of our website to learn more about us, our services, and our fees.  We also provide interesting investing ideas and articles about innovative technologies on our Investing Insights page. 

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