Financial Planning and Investing

Financial Planning and Investing

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We are professional, fiduciary financial advisors who enjoy working for you, not Wall Street.
Serving Apex, Cary, Holly Springs, Fuquay-Varina, Raleigh and the Greater Triangle

Professional Investing Without the Professional Costs
  • Core Management — for those seeking professional management of their investments without custom needs.
  • Custom Management — for those seeking professional, custom-tailored investment management.
  • 401(k) Plan Consulting — For small business owners looking to offer a 401(k) plan or improve an existing one.
Financial Planning
Independent Advice for an Independent Life


We Make it Easy to Try us Out


Portfolio Challenge

How does your investment portfolio compare? If we can’t lower your costs and improve the risk/return profile of your portfolio, we’ll reimburse our fee.

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"Big Picture"
Retirement Review

Big Picture Retirement Review

Run your high-level retirement goals through multiple “what if” scenarios to see how various factors could affect your success. This is a 30-minute, interactive exercise that is both enlightening and fun.

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401(k) & 403(b)
Plan Allocations

401(k) & 403(b)

Interested in free asset allocation guidance for your 401(k) or 403(b) plan?

Send us your plan’s investment options and we will build four asset allocations ranging from aggressive to conservative. No personal data required.

Click here to view a list of employers who have Blue Water Model Allocations or to get more information on this service.

Personal College
Planning Report

College Financial Planning

Are you looking for ways to save for and on the cost of college?

Blue Water offers a report that will review specific college costs, and based on your personal situation, help you determine whether you are eligible for financial assistance or merit scholarships

Compare up to 3 colleges with our Personal College Planning Report.

Control Your ACTIONs

You can't control the market, but there are certain aspects of investing that can be controlled and managed to improve your financial success. We call this our investment ACTION plan:

[A]sset Allocation
  • Keep your portfolio balanced at both the stock-to-bond level and at the individual asset class level
  • Update your actual allocation as warranted
  • Strategically shift the portfolio's allocation to a more conservative one over time
  • Stay abreast of new research and investment options
  • Minimize transaction costs and other investment expenses
  • Track and manage taxable income and gains
  • Look for opportunities to generate tax losses
  • Adjust asset location of investments as necessary
  • Manage ongoing contributions and purchases
  • Track withdrawal rates and manage distributions
  • Maintain cash accounts
  • Adjust withdrawal strategies if necessary
  • Proactively stay in contact and encourage feedback to manage the mental highs and lows
  • Assist with investment questions and concerns
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The Retirement Income Playbook

The Retirement Income Playbook

Review our Retirement Income Playbook, a collection of investment and retirement strategies to help you achieve your retirement goals.

Knowing your goals, concerns and financial situation allows us to review our Playbook and narrow down which strategies would be appropriate for your situation. Together we design a retirement “game plan” that is both effective and comfortable for you.

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A Higher Standard of Care

Fiduciary  fi·du·ci·ar·y, noun

From the Latin fiducia, meaning “trust”, a person or business who has the power and obligation to act for another under circumstances which require total trust, good faith and honesty –

For an advisor, being a fiduciary means that they act in the best interest of their clients.  While you may assume that every advisor or broker works as a fiduciary, that’s not the case.  Many won't accept, or are not allowed (by their employer) to accept a fiduciary responsibility.  Think about that.  If your interests are not first, who’s are? 

Advisors & brokers that are not fiduciaries only have to meet the lower “suitability standard”.  That means recommended products or actions only have to be generally suitable for a client’s circumstances. Unfortunately, many financial products are sold under the suitability standard, but may not be the best thing for the client.

Want to see real-life examples of people and businesses not acting as fiduciaries?  Check out our Lawyers, Guns, and Money section.

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