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Internet: Broad-Based

Investing in the internet industry is more concentrated than the broad-based technology and communications sectors, but more diverse then themes like e-commerce and cyber-security.

The following are broad-based internet industry funds. They can be used to increase your portfolio’s exposure to the internet in general, rather than focusing on a specific theme.

Note: These are not recommendations, just investment ideas for further research.

Fund Ticker Expense Holdings Inception
First Trust Dow Jones Internet FDN 0.52% 42 6/19/06
  A float-adjusted market capitalization weighted index designed to represent the largest and most actively traded stocks of U.S. companies in the Internet industry.
Invesco NASDAQ Internet PNQI 0.60% 91 6/12/08
  Designed to track the performance of the largest and most liquid US-listed companies engaged in internet-related businesses and that are listed on one of the major US stock exchanges.
O’Shares Global Internet Giants OGIG 0.48% 72 6/5/18
  Designed to provide investors with the means to invest in some of the largest global companies that derive most of their revenue from the Internet and e-commerce sectors that exhibit quality and growth potential.
SPDR S&P Internet XWEB 0.35% 44 6/27/16
  Tracks an equal-weighted index of U.S. internet retail, software, and services stocks.