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There's an ETF for that! Robotics & Artificial Intelligence

There's an ETF for that! Robotics & Artificial Intelligence

Interested in investing in the world of robotics and artificial intelligence?  There's a handful of ETFs in that space, each offering something a little different.  Here are the tickers, names and expense ratios of some funds to consider:

  • AEIQ   AI Powered Equity   0.77%
  • QTUM   Defiance Quantum   0.40%
  • ROBT   FT Nasdaq Artificial Intelligence and Robotics   0.65%
  • AIQ   Global X Future Analytics Tech   0.68%
  • BOTZ   Global X Robotics and Artificial Intelligence   0.68%
  • IRBO   iShares Robotics and Artificial Intelligence   0.47%
  • ROBO   Robo Global Robotics and Automation   0.95%

Obviously these are concentrated funds, so they should not be core holdings.  Make sure to do your due diligence and understand the methodology of the fund(s).