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Resources Hub

We have a variety of great resources available to you.  Here you can review strategies for creating retirement income, look up how a professional advisor would invest your employer’s retirement plan, and explore a variety of investing presentations.

Retirement Income Playbook – Build a game plan for achieving your retirement goals with our collection of retirement and investment strategies.

Presentations & Client Access – View informative presentations and videos on investing and the markets.  Clients can also access their investments and up-to-date reports, their financial plan, as well as investment forms.

Portfolio Challenge - A one-time analysis of your portfolio and how it performed compared to a professionally designed portfolio.

401(k) / 403(b) Plan Allocations – Based on the investment options of your employer’s retirement plan, we build four model investment portfolios for you as a complimentary service. 

"Big Picture" Retirement Review - A 30-minute webinar with a CFP Professional exploring your "big picture" retirement goals and the relationship certain factors may have in your success.

Blog: Lawyers, Guns & Money - Posts about retirement, investing, and financial industry scandals.