Specializing in retirement planning and personalized investment management.

Professional Management

Custom Management

Our Professional Management provides a custom-tailored investment portfolio and personalized ongoing fiduciary service. These are based on your individual goals, needs and comfort level.

  1. Your overall portfolio can include held-away accounts:
    • 401(k), 403(b), 457 plans
    • Company stock and stock options
    • Trusts and limited partnerships
  2. We accommodate your personal preferences:
    • Add or delete asset classes (Ex. - you may not want to include Alternatives in your portfolio)
    • Modify the weightings of asset classes and/or specific investments (Ex. - you may hold a lot of company stock and want to decrease the exposure to that asset class with the rest of your portfolio.)
    • Hold certain positions (Ex. – you hold a position that if sold, would produce large gains, or maybe you just want to own Facebook because you like it.)
    • Tilt the portfolio a certain way but without affecting the allocation (Ex. – You may want to own shorter duration bonds or increase the yield/income from your portfolio.)
  3. We can include various strategies:
    • Individual bonds and CDs
    • Stop-losses on stocks and ETFs
    • Portfolio Insurance
    • Income floors
    • Market hedging
    • Liability matching
  4. You can be as involved as you want to be.
    • Some people want us to check-in with them before any change or trade. Some only want to discuss bigger issues like allocation changes. And some leave all changes and trades to our discretion.
    • Likewise, we can provide different reports for different people. So whether you want just a high-level report, or all the details of your portfolio and performance, we can do that.