Specializing in retirement planning and personalized investment management.

Modern Investing & Planning

We blend our experience, research of best practices, and smart technology to deliver our investing and planning services in an effective, yet client-friendly manner.


Modern Outdated
Advisor is an experienced CFP Professional. Broker / Advisor may be a CFP Professional, but usually, big Wall Street firms tend to hire a lot of people and see who sticks.
No financial interest in recommended investments. Commissions or other kickbacks for recommended investments.
Low cost fund / investments Higher cost funds / investments
Low cost management Expensive management
Portfolios designed and managed with intelligent algorithms that draw on various best practices, but with human oversight. Portfolios may be a random collection of investments. Brokers and advisors lacking a disciplined approach often chase returns (buy after something has already gone up)
Rebalancing is monitored 24/7. Advisor is alerted to outages and takes appropriate action. Rebalancing is manually checked 1-2 times a year.
Tax-loss harvesting is monitored 24/7. Advisor is alerted to opportunities and takes appropriate action. Accounts are checked for available tax losses 1-2 times a year.
Performance reports are dynamic and available on-demand online. Performance reports are static and physically mailed to you a few times a year.
Tax reports are available online to view, print, or download. Year-end gain/loss reports are mailed to you.
Client portal that’s also mobile-friendly. Wait for month-end statements or call for update.
Paperless account opening, money movement, and beneficiary updates. Paper forms mailed back and forth.


Modern Outdated
Fair cost for a professionally developed plan. Plan might be free or very low cost if it’s intended to be used as a sales tool.
Plan developed only to meet client goals. Plan often used as a gateway to product sales.
Interactive planning between advisor and client to find what works and what is comfortable. Advanced planning software allows for “what if” planning and stress testing. Not usually interactive as the broker / advisor may just enter figures into some software and have it spit out a plan, or they may even have a “planning department” create a plan that they just present.
Various retirement planning strategies are reviewed and narrowed down to what would work best for your situation. Strategies may only consist of what the computer generates.
Plan is simply a page or two of recommended actions based on your goals and financial situation. Plan is often 25+ pages thick with mostly boiler-plate language and unnecessary charts and graphs to spruce it up.
Online access to your financial plan. Plan is often printed and put in a binder.
Meetings can be in-person, by web conference, or phone only – whichever is convenient for you. Meetings are usually only in-person.
Advisor follows up with client to check on progress. Broker / Advisor may check in with client, especially if it could lead to a sale.
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