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Factor Heavy

Factor Heavy

This strategy simply over-weights the documented factors already built into our Base portfolio.

Small Factor

If over time, small-cap stocks tend to outperform large-cap stocks, then “smaller” small caps may offer even more performance. Micro-cap funds offer exposure to these “smaller” small-caps.

Simply including more small-caps in lieu of another asset class is also an option, but we consider that an Asset Class Adjustment.

Value Factor

If over time, value stocks tend to outperform growth stocks, then “deeper value” value stocks may increase the performance of this factor. We have several value funds that are considered “deeper value” funds.

Simply including more value in lieu of asset classes is also an option, but we consider that an Asset Class Adjustment.

Quality Factor

Using the quality factor is like using the “smaller” small-caps and “deeper value” value stocks. It already tweaks the focus to include less lower-profitable stocks and more higher-profitability stocks. So simply using more of the funds that target higher profitability increases exposure to this factor.

We typically consider the quality factor to be more of a defensive strategy due to its focus on companies with higher profitability (and therefore better able to handle market downturns vs. companies with low profitability). However, “quality” funds can also be considered aggressive since they are more concentrated and less diverse.