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Talk About A BioRevolution

The Blue Water Team

The current disruptive trends in fields such as computer science, artificial intelligence, automation, chemistry, and biology are creating brand-new ways to understand and use biology. In turn, these advancements in biology can benefit industries as varied as healthcare and agriculture. 

As a result of these advancements in biology, in particular genetics and biotechnology, many fields can benefit and grow in the near future. As a result, biology presents an investment opportunity on par with the advent of the Internet. The industries most likely to benefit from advancements in biology include the following: 

  • Health
  • Agriculture and Food
  • Materials, Chemicals, and Energy
  • Biological Machines\

Healthcare is a natural target for advancements in biology. In particular, healthcare is expected to continue to grow in areas such as precision medicine, gene therapy, pathogen monitoring, and vaccine development. 

However, as the list above demonstrates, biology has applications that go beyond healthcare. 


Genetic understanding could speed up the process of developing pest resistance, yield, and variety in crops and disease resistance, productivity, and more in animals. 


Genetic engineering could enable the manufacturing industry to create necessary products to support a burgeoning world population from a wider variety of substances and sources, like yeast and even microbes. 

As we gain a greater understanding of DNA and genetics, the applications of our knowledge should continue to expand, offering exciting benefits to humanity, and allowing investors to create strong and profitable portfolios that take advantage of the growth to come in the near future.

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