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Sustainable Goes Mainstream

The Blue Water Team

Sustainable investing (also known today as ESG investing), used to require sacrificing profitability. Today, however, ESG investing is becoming a more widely adopted trend that can actually improve ROI for investors. This transformation has been particularly marked in the last year. Today, ESG investing can guide investors to environmentally friendly AND financially savvy choices. Four reasons underpin this change: 

Strong Investment Performance

No longer do ESG investments perform weaker than their non-ESG counterparts. Instead, businesses that incorporate ESG practices also tend to demonstrate strong balance sheets, low debt, and stability. These businesses may even be positioned to withstand market downturns. 

Improvement in ESG Data

Scoring a company's sustainability can be a complex exercise. More recently, however, making determinations about a company's sustainability has become easier in light of more robust data. This data comes both from greater reporting from companies and from better frameworks for understanding that information. Improved data transparency makes it easier than ever for investors to understand and make smart choices when investing sustainably. 

Increased Demand

One study showed that 72 percent of investors are interested in sustainable investing. Millennial investors, who are a desirable audience of wealth manager are particularly interested in sustainable investing. These facts make offering sustainable investing opportunities more of a necessity in order to meet investor demands. 

Ease of Investment

Thanks to the improved transparency and availability of ESG data, it is easier than ever to choose sustainable investments. Easier access to sustainable investments make them a more practical, and profitable, choice for interested investors. 

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