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A Year of Change: Genomics & Telehealth

The Blue Water Team

The COVID-19 pandemic has generated new trends in a variety of fields, among them the fields of genomics & telehealth. The pressure placed on healthcare by the pandemic has driven changes in these fields that have quickened advances and generated better healthcare for patients. 

Genomics Vaccines

The study of genomics is providing advanced insights into the human body and how it works. In regards to the COVID-19 pandemic, genomics has made the mRNA technology applicable to vaccines, resulting in the Pfizer and the Moderna shots. These vaccines, which have been delivered more than 200 million times, represent the first mass application of the mRNA technology. 

Accurate Diagnoses

Molecular diagnostics have lead to the PCR tests that deliver accurate, and fast, diagnoses of COVID-19. 


Telehealth existed before the pandemic. However, its onset has helped to overcome the two biggest obstacles to the practice: reimbursement policies and the doctor/patient interaction. 

Since the pandemic, people have discovered the convenience of telehealth. Chances are that they will be unwilling to return to the old way of in-person interactions, paving the way for telehealth providers to continue to benefit from this new, and likely lasting, trends. 

Healthcare Transformation

Healthcare is about to undergo a major transformation. Changes in genomics and telehealth could drive improvements in minimally-invasive and strong patient outcomes. As these transformations lead to new treatments and possibilities, they offer a strong investment opportunity as well. These transformations could make modern-day healthcare appear outdated in just the next 10 years, leading to incredible advances and economic opportunities for many.