Specializing in retirement planning and personalized investment management.

Client Retention

The following information is based only on our full-time (investment management) clients. Data as of Fall 2017.

Money Under Advisement: $52M - $58M

Clients: 90
Households: 64

Notes: We are an established firm, but not too big. We know our clients, and we our focused on their needs. That is why we limit the number of new client engagements.


Men: 49%
Women: 51%

Marriage Status

Married: 61%
Single: 39%
Single Women: 25%

Retirement Status

Retired: 44%
Retire within 0-5 Years: 19%


30's: 6%
40's: 21%
50's: 23%
60's: 22%
70's: 23%
80's: 5%

Average Age: 59.5

Youngest Client: 29

Oldest Client: 91

Average Age of
Client Taking

Notes: While most of our clients are married, we also work with a number of single women. Almost 2/3rds of our clients are either in retirement or within a few years of it. 50% of our clients are age 60 or above.

Average % of Stocks in Portfolio (All Clients): 59%
Average % of Stocks (Retirees): 50%

Notes: Our portfolios range from very conservative (15% stocks) to very aggressive (100% stocks), but average out as moderately aggressive. As expected, retirees have more conservative allocations.

Client Longevity with Blue Water

Average # of Years: 9.8

Client for 0-5 years: 17%
Client for 5-10 Years: 20%
Client for 10+ Years: 63%

Year Retention Terminations Reasons (rounded)

2017 98% 27% Death
2016 96% 20% Unhappy with performance (all during financial crisis)
2015 98% 20% Moved out of state and sought more local advisor
2014 98% 13% Decided to manage investments themselves
2013 96% 7% Cashed out small account to buy a franchise (2017)
2012 100% 7% Cashed out to buy an annuity (financial crisis)
2011 95% 7% Insurance agent who moved account to own firm
2010 96%
2009 97%
2008 98%

Notes: We are proud of our track record. Most clients have worked with us for a number of years, and we have consistently had a high rate of client retention