Specializing in retirement planning and personalized investment management.

Professional Management Services

Core Management 

For non-complex portfolios that fit into one of model allocations.

Advanced Management

For more complex portfolios that require a custom-tailored solution.

Both Services Include:

Analysis / Advice Work with an experienced CFP Professional in a fiduciary capacity to implement our ACTION Investment Plan.
Asset Allocation Our allocations extremely diversified. They are designed based on some of the top research in the industry. Each investment is included to either increase expected returns, decrease volatility, or both.
Investment Cost We use very low cost mutual funds and ETFs to implement our allocations. The expense ratios of the portfolios we construct typically range from 0.18% - 0.32% depending on the stock-to-bond ratio.
Commissions No commissions or kickbacks to advisor. The custodian, TD Ameritrade, may charge small commissions / transaction fees ($7 - $15) on certain funds and ETFs. We always keep those costs in mind.
Advisor Involvement The relationship is ongoing. Advisor will monitor accounts and contact clients as needed. Advisor is always available for investment questions, concerns, and assistance. Financial planning questions and/or analysis, depending on scope, may warrant an additional fee (agreed to before work begins).
Advisory Commentary Periodic advisory letters and educational commentary.
Investments Institutional funds from Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA) and other providers along with exchange-traded funds (ETFs), mutual funds, and client-specific specialty investments like bond ladders, income annuities, etc.
Implementation / Trading Blue Water handles.
Contributions / Distributions Blue Water handles.
Rebalancing Monitored daily. Rebalanced when either the stock-bond ratio or the individual asset classes are out of certain tolerances. Taxes are always considered.
Tax Loss Harvesting Monitored daily. Performed when certain tax loss tolerances are reached.
Portfolio Performance Reports On-demand access via client portal. Paper/PDF reports distributed semi-annually to promote a long-term view, but also available upon request.
Tax Reports Year-end paper / PDF report, but "year-to-date" reports also provided upon request.
Client Portal Yes, this is where you can view your overall portfolio, individual accounts, investments, performance and reports.
Access to Retirement Plan We’ll provide web access to your retirement plan, if one was developed. Our software updates the investment figures nightly to keep the plan more up-to-date.
Other We will periodically update our asset allocation preferences for our model portfolios. Changes take place immediately.
We will also periodically review account titling and beneficiary designations and advise as needed.
Where Services Vary:

  Core Management Custom Management
Advisor Cost Ongoing cost that starts at 0.60% and decreases with higher asset values. Billed monthly in arrears. $400/quarter minimum. Ongoing cost that starts at 0.85% and decreases with higher asset values. Billed quarterly in arrears. $600/quarter minimum. Flat fees can be negotiated.
Portfolio Allocation Your portfolio will be based on your accounts at our custodian, TD Ameritrade. Non-TD Ameritrade accounts (including employer retirement plans) can be reviewed and advised upon, but they are usually a separate portfolio.
Depending on scope, an additional one-time fee may apply.
We will recommend a model allocation based on your goals and comfort level. Models range from 25% stock to 100% stock (increments of 5%).
This service does not accommodate model customization or non-recommended investments.
Your portfolio will be based on your accounts at our custodian, TD Ameritrade. Non-TD Ameritrade accounts (including employer retirement plans) can be included as well. Advisory fees on held-away.
accounts are typically half of the regular annual fee.
We will design a custom allocation based on your goals and comfort level.
We can accommodate your personal preferences (for example - no gold in the allocation, over- or under-weighting certain asset classes, holding favorite stocks / funds, etc.). We can also incorporate CDs and individual bonds and use strategies like stop-losses on stocks and ETFs and market hedging.

Our process begins with a complimentary initial meeting.