January 2016

Church Scheme Gets Broker Barred From Financial Industry
Michael T. Snedeker pled guilty earlier to criminal charges of defrauding the IRS, SEC says.

State Street To Pay $12 Million To Settle Pay-to-Play Charges
To settle charges it participated in a pay-to-play scheme with an Ohio public official, State Street will pay $12 million.

Ex-Capital One Analyst Held Liable For Insider Trading
A Chinese national has been held liable for using private data to conduct trades.

Goldman Sachs Pays $15 Million To Settle SEC Charges
Goldman, Sachs & Co. disregarded short-selling regulations, the SEC says.

Finra Nails California B-D Over Penny Stocks
A California broker-dealer was hit with a $400,000 fine, resulting in a sale of the company.

Finra To Examine 'Firm Culture' In Wall Street Brokerages
Finra said it would examine the "firm culture" at Wall Street brokerages and the factors that influence them.

FTC: Lumosity 'Brain Training' Claims Unproven
The company has agreed to pay $2 million to settle allegations over unfounded claims.

Finra Charges Texas Firm In $1 Million Churning Case
Finra alleges the firm took on a number of offices that operated like bucket shops.