February 2016

SEC: Fake Broker Charged With Selling Phony Stock To Pay Gambling Debt
The SEC has charged Gregory Ruehle, an unregistered broker in Oceanside, CA with fraudulent stock sales. 

SEC Bars RIA Over Use of Leveraged, Inverse ETFs
Nicholas Rowe, ex-owner of Focus Capital Wealth Management, has been barred from the securities industry by the SEC.

JP Morgan Faces Indiana Probe Of Proprietary Funds
Indiana regulators are looking into how JP Morgan handled investments inside trusts that benefited churches.

Buffalo, N.Y. Brokers Barred For Fraud
FINRA barred two Buffalo brokers for committing fraud in trying to sell a hedge fund.

N.C. Fraud Targeted Dominican Republic Investors
Frank E. Lleras defrauded investors of $2.9 million in a real estate scheme, the SEC says.

Lending Company And Brokerage Firm Defrauded Investors, SEC Says
They kept information form investors about deteriorating loan values and other issues, the SEC says.

SEC Bars Advisor On State Sanctions
Nicholas Rowe, a Hollis New Hampshire investment advisor has been barred from the securities industry based on a bar imposed by the state securities commission.

FINRA bars 2 Brokers in Hedge Fund Fraud
Brokers told investors the fund was a 'growth', not a 'highly speculative' one.

Morgan Stanley In $63 Million Deal With FDIC Over Mortgage Bonds
Morgan Stanley has agreed to pay $62.95 million to resolve claims over the sale of toxic mortgage-backed securities.

Morgan Stanley Paid New Jersey Widow Over Puerto Rico Losses
Morgan Stanley paid a New Jersey widow to compensate for her losses on Puerto Rico securities.