April 2016

T. Rowe Price Accused Of Charging Excessive Mutual Fund Fees
A group of investors in T. Rowe Price mutual funds say the company charged roughly $388 million in excessive fees, according to a lawsuit.

Clues To Jailed Fund Manager's Millions Sought In Panama Leak
The records might provide new leads to where Chetan Kapur stashed millions of investors' money.

SEC Bars Rep For $3.2 Mil. Ponzi Scheme
The agency says Malcolm Segal sold fake CDs.

Utah Investment Advisor To Pay $11 Million
Roger Bliss ran a day-trading scheme that lost investors' money.

CFP Board Revokes Credentials From Two Advisors
Two CFP holders had their certifications revoked as the CFP Board announced recent disciplinary actions.

Elm Tree Investment Executives Charged in $17M Fraud
Elm Tree Investment Advisors LLC founder Fred Elem and the firm’s chief operating officer were charged in Manhattan with running a $17 million fraud scheme.

Ex-Advisor Gets 99 Months In Jail For Fraud
A former investment advisor was sentenced to 99 months in prison for a long-running scam he used to defraud elderly and unsophisticated clients.

Analyst Charged With Insider Trading
An analyst used his mother's brokerage account to make insider trades worth $1.5 million, the SEC says.

FL Advisor Gets Eight Years For Defrauding Elderly
The investment advisor also was ordered to pay $2 million in restitution to the clients he defrauded.

Investment Advisor Received $1.3 Million For Nonexistent Hedge Fund, SEC Says
Civil charges are pending against the advisor and her partner for using investors' money for themselves.

Goldman Sachs To Pay $5B To Settle Mortgage Bond Case
The company settled claims that it misled mortgage bond investors during the financial crisis.

Boiler Room Scheme Leads To Six Years In Prison
The sentencing judge called the fraudulent scheme, which victimized senior citizens, cold-hearted.

Tennessee Advisor Admits Using Client Funds For Herself
Jacqueline Stanfill has been ordered to return $8 million in client funds.

Free Dinners Led To Fraud, SEC Says
Four men who solicited seniors through free dinners lied to the participants, SEC complaint says.

Utah Man Dupes Investors With 'Top Secret' Iraqi Investments
The SEC says the scheme promised 3,000 percent returns.